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Daily Photos of your favorite Queen of Rock

Shirley Manson Daily
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Welcome to Shirley Manson Daily!

This is a "celebrity daily photos community" dedicated primarily to Garbage lead singer Shirley Manson. Basically, it's purpose is to provide a place for fans to find the latest pictures of Shirley and Garbage (and there are a lot of new pictures everyday now that they are on a touring and media blitz). This is an an open but members-only community. All pictures must be Shirley or Garbage related and can include everything from photo shoots to live photos to candid shots. Newer photos (Bleed Like Me era) are encouraged to be posted, since they are what most fans are currently interested in, but rare or high-quality "older" photos are fine, too. So if you have crazy love for Shirley and Garbage and want to take part in this community, feel free to join!

Community Rules:
-Only members can post photos here and they will be available for public viewing, unless you choose to make the photos only available to members, in which case make a friends-only entry.
-All posts must be Shirley/Garbage photo-related. Don't post news or random stuff here. There are lots of other Garbage communities for that. (See links below).
-All photos must be put under an LJ-cut.
-NO hotlinking/direct-linking. Save and host the photos yourself.
-If possible, give credit to where photos are from.
-No bashing of Shirley or Garbage will be tolerated.

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